A Nationwide Practice

Baty Otto Coronado Scheer’s attorneys represent propane retailers and wholesalers, natural gas utilities, and pipeline operators throughout the United States. They have defended thousands of gas-related claims and lawsuits and conducted investigations of fire and explosion incidents across the country. They utilize their significant litigation, trial, and appellate experience, not only in the defense of litigation, but also from a preventive stance as consultants on risk management, employee training, regulatory issues, and other safety concerns. They have also been consulted regarding proposed legislation and regulations affecting the gas industry.

Decades of Experience in Gas-Related Litigation and Risk Management

The firm’s attorneys who practice primarily in this area of the law have decades of experience evaluating, defending, and resolving claims and lawsuits that arise from the use of propane and natural gas. Most were previously with a boutique litigation firm that practiced nearly exclusively in this area. They have tried cases in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, New Jersey, Florida, and the District of Columbia. Our propane and natural gas attorneys are usually retained as lead defense counsel and are comfortable handling matters in all parts of the country. They have handled gas-related litigation in 48 states. Over the years, they have developed a strong network of local counsel in virtually every state.

In addition to gas-related litigation services, we consult with clients to prevent incidents that could lead to litigation. We work with natural gas utilities, pipeline operators, and propane retailers and wholesalers on their customer warning programs and materials, on employee training materials and issues, on product recall and technical bulletins, and on regulatory issues to enhance safety measures and reduce the likelihood of an incident that could lead to litigation.

Our background in developing warning, training, and safety programs further enhances our ability to defend gas industry clients by giving us insight into risk management that others without our team’s depth of experience might not have.

To enhance its legal representation in this area, the firm maintains an extensive archive of scientific and technical materials and expert witness testimony relating to litigation involving natural gas and propane.

Representative Experience

  • Obtained summary judgment for a natural gas operator on a $7.99 million subrogation claim based on a waiver in construction contracts and won the appeal of the summary judgment order.
  • Obtained summary judgment for a propane distributor in a claim for serious burn injuries involving an explosion in a motor home.
  • Obtained dismissal of a propane distributor at the close of plaintiff’s evidence in a trial involving a fire that destroyed a house under construction.
  • Defended and managed mass casualty litigation arising from a natural gas explosion.
  • Won a defense verdict for a Michigan propane retailer in a propane explosion suit by a person who sustained serious burn injuries and asserted claims of inadequate warnings and failure to warn.
  • Obtained summary judgment for a propane pipeline company in an Iowa case involving severe burn injuries.

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