The Gateway City

St. Louis, located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, is historically and economically a gateway city. Early on, waves of immigration flowed through to the West, with growing businesses in the wake. Today, the city continues to anchor local and regional economies reliant on manufacturing, transportation, and other trades and services.

Baty Otto Scheer acquired its office in St. Louis in 1999 in a lateral move to serve existing clients more efficiently and to expand its outreach to prospective clients in manufacturing and transportation. We have practiced in the St. Louis metro area continuously in the two decades since, offering clients a compelling combination of industry knowledge and litigation skill. Our clients routinely rely upon the on-the-ground support of our St. Louis team.

The values time-honored in Kansas City—teamwork and open communication among attorneys and with clients—were foundational in expanding to St. Louis and Springfield. Our presence in these cities allows us to serve clients around the state more efficiently and continues to put us in reach of new clients. Baty Otto Scheer provides legal services in St. Louis County and surrounding areas. 

Partner Mike Cerulo is based in Baty Otto Scheer’s St. Louis office. Mike is licensed to practice in Missouri and Illinois.

St. Louis

7777 Bonhomme Avenue

Suite 2150

St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Phone: (314) 863-6274

Fax: (314) 863-6407

Convenient Choices of Forum

Baty Otto Scheer’s St. Louis office is physically located in Clayton in St. Louis County, Missouri. Our St. Louis litigators appear regularly on behalf of clients in cases filed in the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis and its Municipal Division; St. Louis County Circuit Court, 21st Judicial Circuit of Missouri; and the federal U.S. District Courts for the Eastern District of Missouri and the Southern District of Illinois, as well as appellate courts.

Legal Representation in Eastern Missouri and Illinois

Whether a case is brought in the municipal division of a St. Louis circuit court or across the Mississippi River in the Southern District of Illinois, we strive always to maintain relationships of trust and confidence with our clients. Our St. Louis attorneys are well-versed in the same areas of the law and the same industry practices as our Kansas City attorneys.

Baty Otto Sheer P.C. - St. Louis

For legal representation in and around St. Louis, contact our experienced litigators.