Experienced Litigators

At Baty Otto Scheer, we focus on helping clients who have been sued or are about to be sued. We step in, relieve some of the stress of their situations, and work together to achieve the best outcome possible through early resolution of a dispute or at trial if the case proceeds to judge or jury. From initial case assessment and investigation through trial or arbitration, and upon appeal, our litigators stand by our clients each step of the way. Our litigation partners have chaired hundreds of trials in federal, state, and municipal courts.

Areas of Litigation

We defend small to midsize, even large, businesses, as well as individuals, in pre-suit negotiations and claims brought against them in court or under the rules of arbitration. Industry clients from across the country, many with global offices and operations, come to Baty Otto Scheer because of our track record in the courtroom. With attorneys located in the central Midwest, specifically Kansas City, St. Louis, and Springfield, Missouri, we provide trusted representation in the following areas:

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Construction Litigation

Our construction litigation team has represented nationally known construction companies, architects and engineers, general and subcontractors, as well as laborers in hard-hitting litigation for many years. Our attorneys, well-versed in this area of law, work to resolve cases arising from construction accidents, on-the-job injury, and related claims by employing legal tactics strategically in arbitration or the courtroom, from motions practice through trial.

Governmental Liability Litigation

Governments can and do face liability claims as a matter of course. Litigation may arise from alleged property damage by a government entity, alleged bullying in schools, charges of excessive force by law enforcement, and road-hazard and design claims against transportation departments—to name a few. Baty Otto Scheer represents state and municipal entities in litigation involving these claims and more.  Our clients, many long-standing, include city, county, and state departments of transportation, school districts, colleges, and municipalities.

Transportation Litigation

Baty Otto Scheer defends transportation companies—regional and national motor freight carriers as well as independent over-the-road truckers—in claims arising from catastrophic injury accidents, spills of hazardous materials, as well as disputes related to insurance coverage.  We’ve “been down this road” many times on behalf of our transportation industry clients, litigating as each case demands, through trial or settlement. We work with CEOs, risk managers, drivers, and leaders in accident reconstruction and automotive mechanics to investigate and aggressively litigate all aspects of these claims.

Retail & Hospitality Litigation

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, and the security companies that protect these businesses and their premises can expect at some point to be subjected to complaints from shoppers and patrons. Common complaints range from slip-and-fall to assault to false arrest. Often, responsibility is beyond the direct control of the business owner. Baty Otto Scheer stands ready, with a depth of experience, to advocate on behalf of companies and individuals subjected to litigation in this area of the law. 

Products Liability Litigation

Manufacturers and distributors often find themselves in need of representation when issues of alleged malfunction or negligence arise. Our attorneys have handled successfully a variety of cases involving foreign and domestic products.

Insurance Coverage Litigation

Our firm has extensive experience handling insurance coverage and bad faith claims, from filing and defending coverage cases through declaratory judgment actions. We know the legal system and how to fight for the insurance benefits that are warranted.

Commercial Litigation

Businesses, even large businesses with in-house counsel, find themselves in need of outside assistance in navigating conflict among partners or shareholders or other disputes arising from the complexities of the laws that govern business entities. Baty Otto Scheer has credible experience in handling business litigation, ranging from claims of run-of-the-mill breaches of contract to RICO violations.

Employment Litigation

Baty Otto Scheer’s attorneys regularly appear in both federal and state courts to represent employers and employees in cases of employment discrimination, wrongful termination, trade secrets, harassment, retaliation, wage matters, or other aspects of employment law.

Professional Liability Litigation

A professional liability claim can be devastating to a licensed professional. We work with accountants, insurance brokers, real estate agents, doctors, nurses and other medical-care providers, architects, and engineers, among others, to mitigate the legal risks in their professions and stand ready to defend them if a claim arises.

Workers’ Compensation Litigation

Our firm represents insured and self-insured employers in workers’ compensation cases, from complex, costly cases to the smallest of claims.